Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally Made the Blog Plunge

Hi! This is my first post, so please forgive my terrible formatting issues. Here it goes:

Well, as I lie here unable to stand, sit, or walk, I figured, hmm, what better time to start up a blog than now? I admit I'm drawn to it for Etsy promotion and to get connected to other crafters out there, but I'm hoping to channel some of my mind meanderings as well. I've also just gotten my Master's degree in Documentary Production from the University of Florida (The Documentary Institute), so I'll be posting about documentaries as well. So-- docs and crafts, that's it for now.

If you've come across this, I'd love for you to visit my Etsy sites: Squirrely Whirls and Under the Doodle Tree

I'm currently in injury mode and can't be very productive with my shops (other than sometimes knitting since I can do that while lying down), but I promise they'll be added to and pepped up as soon as I'm pepped up physically!

Thanks for coming by!

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