Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Information is Sacrificial."

I read this recently--or something like it. I think this is appropriate for my blog. You can put anything and everything out there, but it dies the moment it goes out there. Not necessarily in a depressing self-deprecating way as if I'm saying "oh, poor me, nobody wants to read my blog" (I only feel a twinge of that-- there are so many blogs!) It's more in the way everything's left up to infinitesimal (that's hard to spell) interpretation. You are interpreting this right now. And this. And this. I love that and find it amazing. I have a very minor admittedly wimpy tattoo (as far as size and visibility goes). Hmm, I'll post a picture, why not? Whenever anyone asks me what it is, I ask them what they think it looks like. Then, I will tell them what I think it looks like to me (a brontosaurus and pterodactyl, two two's...) Everyone has their own unique vision of it-- just like they do with everything and everyone for that matter. I'm beginning to rant, so I'll cut myself off. But-- hey I opened up to my blog...I feel so silly yet apathetic about it at the same time. Who knows how you will interpret it-- that's awesome.This was when it was fresh-- it's been a few years since then. I'd be absurdly ecstatic if someone posted a comment of what they think it is. Although I've already clouded the view....


  1. a spider missing some legs.

  2. yay! Thanks jameil! I'm adding it to the archive of people's interpretations (you're the second person to say that).