Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yet Another Creative Etsy Seller: siennaorlando

Here's siennaorlando's shop on Etsy. I love her ceramic buttons so much! If you sew or knit, you should stop by her shop...even if you don't sew or knit, you can sew on a button right? Spice up your clothes with her pretty creations!

A few hand-picked favorites of mine:
"Variety Pack Everyday is Your Birthday Special:" Look at all of these amazing ideas! I love the owl.
Also, very very clever-- the "Toast Buttons"The "Fried Egg Button" is silly and wonderful too. It has sold, but you can still see it. If you want one, ask her, and it sounds like she'd be happy to make you another one! Check out her Shop Policies for more details and discounts.
She also has a lot of very pretty decorative buttons with less of a novelty side that are wonderful as well! Go here to look at her other website that I just noticed where she has gorgeous large sculpture pieces.
Thanks so much, Sienna, for letting me share your lovely pieces with others!

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