Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dog.

"We turn not older but newer every day" -Emily Dickinson.

Now, I would not be posting about my dog unless I felt that it would also be entertaining for others beyond normal owner-dog love relationships.
My dog is quite possibly one of the silliest looking dogs out there. Everyone has always commented on her-- she's an Italian Greyhound-- because she's very small, skinny, and unusual. That is why I love her. Once, I was walking her, and a woman from across the street said, "Excuse me, um, what kind of creature is that?"
(normal Sassy)
For awhile it was funny because she had a snaggle tooth that was always sticking out of her mouth like a cyclops-toothed wild boar. Now she looks even more eccentric because she only has 2 teeth left that, in turn, cause her tongue to constantly hang out the side of her mouth. It's endlessly entertaining. Really, endlessly.

(Sassy now. I have to note that I did not subject her to this photo. Tt was my sister's doing, although I am now posting it for the world to see, so I guess I don't come out ahead here.)
Oh, Sassy. I still find her adorable...even though she doesn't like to snuggle much any more (she's 15). Oh, and her stomach about once a week makes crazy sci-fi noises.

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  1. Wonderful post! It's funny how her tongue just hangs out!
    My friend came to town today to adopt a dog from the local Humane Society. I went along for her interview to see if she was an acceptable dog owner. :-)

    Her new "Sugar" was just fine with Spice.

    Have a great day!