Saturday, September 19, 2009

Man Man Makes My Ears and Mind Happy!

I understand that my taste in music is not for everyone (as is everyone's-- haha-- if that makes sense).
Usually for me, the weirder, more eccentric, the better. Man Man fulfills that wonderfully for me. I love their craziness! Occasionally, there are bands that I stumble upon that I can't get enough of and have that quirk-factor that astonishes me; it's very rare and so satisfying! I was fortunate to go to one of their shows a few months ago when I could still stand, and it was a-Man-Man-mazing!! I also took some terrible photos:

(the lead singer/nut-so guy had on a terrific blue sequined sweater as he freaked out in a delightfully amusing way. Sorry about the sucky photo.)

(This one's crappy too. I'm a huge fan of the xylophone though--played by the guy on the far right side.)

[Sidenote: Nick has started a band with some other great musicians, and I'm so excited to hear it all together. Their potential is huge (and I'm not just saying that because he's my boyfriend, although, inevitably that clouds my view somewhat). I'll be posting their songs once they get something's in its toddler stages, I'd say. It's americana-jazz-blues-bluegrass-folk fusion with a large helping of eccentricity. It will be grand, and they're tentatively called "Gravy Bird."]

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