Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ah, Macabre

I have a strong affinity for the macabre. I have written about my love of Wunderkammern, or Cabinets of Curiosity, and that saga continues on (I'm very intent on making my creations in that realm happen, and they are slowly materializing).

(this is a nest of cube-shaped eggs I've been working on. It is supposed to be rotated the other direction and still needs a shelf for the nest...work in progress.)

It seems that macabre things might even be somewhat trendy right now...maybe just because 'tis the season (Halloween)? This great article is about adding some macabre items to your home to spice it up a bit. I think my issue with "trendiness" is that I like to be surrounded by things I don't often see elsewhere, and it's not just that I want to be "different." Once a trend takes wave, your previously unique, exciting things start to take on a dulled quality. Anyone else with me here? I guess that's what keeps the wheels turning...we can't get too comfortable with a particular style, motif, etc. if we want to continue experimenting and making things "new."

(From NY Times article)

Anyway, macabre is great in my book. And, also speaking of wonderful macabre things, Dan Phillips, the "trash architect" from my film made a wonderful example of a beautifully macabre house, the Bone House. Copies of the documentary will be available soon here.

(brilliant Dan, adding a cattle bone window latch)

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