Friday, October 30, 2009

Nice Craft Fair Displays

I'm gearing up for the Bloomington Handmade Market (the vendor list is now up!) I thought I'd share some of the great ideas I've found for craft fair booth set-ups and displays. Mine probably won't be too elaborate unless I can find a thrifty way to make it so. I am planning a trip to the Salvation Army soon...

(Sweetie Pie Press: I'm liking the vintage suitcase)

(this is probably too fancy for my budget, but I love the printed/embroidered on name. From buttonpom)

(Nice and colorful, and once again, the vintage suitcases! From abbey*christine)

(like the pendant sign idea. From raspberryfairy)

(Suitcases again...I can't help myself. From kayakgrionthewater)

(This is certainly eye-catching and well suited for the product. From lil' boo)

(This is such a great idea! Too bad I don't think I could display any of my stuff like this. From emilyaugust)

(Very nice tablecloth. From uhoh over)

(Nice, simple button packaging. I like the rounded edges. From Carboro Artisan Market)


  1. What great ideas! We have a "pendant tree"; it's a bowling ball inside a flower pot with branches stuck into the finger holes.

  2. Kay- that's sounds like a great idea! I'm amazed by how much creativity goes into displays as well!

  3. Absolutely wonderful display love love the suitcases and the button cards. Thank you for taking the time to research and photograph. These ideas would work for a garage sale and estate sale and auction as well don't you think? Try old
    bingo cards for a dashing display for old buttons.
    Please stop by when you have a chance. I would love that.
    With all good wishes,

  4. If I had a truck... LOL

    Great displays!

  5. Pat- absolutely! great ideas...I love the bingo cards idea!

    Christie- yep, I hear ya. Thanks for coming by.