Friday, November 20, 2009

A Delightful Accidental Find

While browsing the tube (yep, the tube) the other night, I came across the movie Penelope (Mark Palansky, 2006) starring Christina Ricci. I was intrigued because the description told me it was about a girl born with a pig face, and I like Christina Ricci. Freak type things = interesting things. So, I watched.

It was the most delightful romance movie I've seen in...I can't remember how long. The colors in the movie are rich and whimsical, and the sets are pretty amazing too (especially Penelope's room). The visual effects are fun, and Penelope has a crazy royal purple coat with random colorful funky buttons going down the front (this was a special bonus treat for me).

The moral, as a child at the end says, is "it's not the power of the curse, it's the power you give the curse." I love this! It's so true and applies to everything. You don't have to be anxious or angry or any of those feelings if you don't want to fuel them.

That brings me to another wonderful movie I just saw recently (and have since watched twice): The Brothers Bloom.

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It coincidentally has a main character named Penelope too (Rachel Weisz). She says, she "owns it" and that's why she's convincing when she accepts changing "roles." This is so true, and I keep thinking about "owning it" when I go to my first selling of my wares on Saturday. This is also one of those movies that comments on itself commenting on itself commenting on itself....the ultimate goal in making any kind of art-- self reflexivity or whatever "po-mo" term you want to give it.

I love it when you watch movies or read books that are so crazily serendipitously in line with what you've been thinking about. It feels quite nice. Here's one of the funniest parts if you want to "spoil" it a bit for yourself: Collecting Hobbies. I enjoy this-- being a bit of a dabbler myself, but unfortunately (or fortunately?), not to the extent of Penelope.

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