Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Digital Zombies

The title of this post is so inherently hypocritical. I sit typing on my blog as I try to market my online shop amidst posting a new item from the shop on Facebook and looking for photos to add to my new blog post...after reading an article in the online version of a newspaper. Phew. The most ironic part after reading the article I'm posting in dismay? I'm uploading files for a job at the same time.

Here's to make sense of all of this banter: "Taming Your Digital Distractions" It's an article in th NY Times about programs that exist ("digital nannies," as the author so succinctly put it) to help quell your online meanderings during supposed "work" time. There are programs to track where you spend your time on your computer and graph it right before your procrastinating eyes. There are others that will literally stop you from spending time in certain places like Facebook too. Yes, they actually give you a time limit. Isn't it amazing that this is what we've come to in such a short span of time? I was so against Facebook during college until my friend signed me up. I still talked down about it, but I'm a total user now.

On a lighter note, here's a hand knit iPhone:


  1. What can I say? I'm reading great blogs, when I should be working. No, really, I can quit anytime I want.