Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here Comes Michael Moore

Michael Moore has a new documentary coming out, Capitalism: A Love Story

While I, as many, have mixed feelings about Mr. Moore, I do think that his films hold merit even if they aren't "objective" enough (which I think is the overwhelming complaint toward the man). No documentary is or could ever be objective, so I've got his back there. I know he has a history of obscuring stories in ways that are not very agreeable at times, but he's a documentary-er (I like that better than documentarian, I think...because it kind of sounds like diarrhea...sorry, tangent. I'm weird. So are you.).
I still can't come to a firm stance on him. On one hand, he's made it to the tippy tippy top and I agree mostly with his agendas and using your fame to push whatever the hell you want to. On the other hand though, you do hold some responsibility to be a bit honest. But, then again, who else in a political position is ever honest?
That's my rant for today. Conclusion: I look forward to seeing it.

On a related note (Michael Moore's new film screened there): Here's an article--"Angry Documentarians are the rage at the Kansas International Film Festival" It talks briefly about the increasing number of documentary films at film festivals, and how people are getting fed up and making documentaries about their woes. It also says there is a higher ratio of documentaries to narrative films (hi!) and most are being made by women (hi again!).

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