Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Clever Awesome Lady that Stitches with Electronics

The title of this post is so ridiculous--I was hoping that might get some people's attention.
Anyway, another awesome article pointed out to me by my wonderful boyfriend, Nick: "Home Crafts Get Wired"Alison Lewis makes really clever things like a pillow that you can hook your iPod up to and lie down on (so your headphones don't jab into your ears--come on, you know what I'm talking about here). Some of her other cool ideas include a garment that "sports an LED-embellished plastic heart — the more pats and hugs its wearer receives, the more colored lights ignite within its heart. 'It’s about building tender moments and bringing people closer, which is my whole thing,' Ms. Lewis said."

Check out the slideshow for more. These teacups signal the TV to play different videos when they're turned over on the mat underneath. I **LOVE** it!

Here's her website: I Heart Switch
Her house sounds amazing too. I would like to visit. And, I'm wondering why didn't they film it?! Ok, I'll back off, NY Times; I know you're more of a "print" resource. Want me to do it? Yeah? Call me. After the Dan Phillips story, I think they owe me one (totally kidding--thanks for letting me borrow your photos :]).

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