Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Ode- This Time to My Sewing Machine

Dear My Lonely Sewing Machine,

I haven't seen you in quite awhile, but it's not because I don't still love you. Our distance has made my feelings for you stronger and stronger every day. I long to hear your gentle purr as you connect threads faster than my thoughts can go. You inspire me, and I long for the times when my leg was able to push your pedal without pain. Soon enough, lovely, soon enough.


P.S. I never realized how fun it is to write exaggerated love letters to inanimate objects.

(these are a few of the gobs of paint sample cards I gathered from the hardware store for a little color and inspiration in my impermanent sewing room here since I moved in with my parents...there I admitted it. Screw the economy. No, I should be grateful...and I am)

(my somewhat pathetic duct tape dress form that is missing me and sick of this unfinished tank top that it's still wearing from July)

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