Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Squirrel to Make My Day

The featured Etsy seller right now is TsuruBride , and she has one of the coolest purses I have ever seen:

I am obviously quite partial to the squirrel and all things squirrel-related. If I saw someone walking around with this, I would instantly want to be their best friend and would probably scare them with my enthusiasm. She has tons of other really great stuff in her shop too, and I'm glad that Etsy decided to feature her so I could be graced with seeing her super quirky designs.

In her seller interview she also mentioned the all-too-familiar feeling of talking about something like "making a purse shaped like a snake digesting an elephant" and people looking at you, "like you have two heads." I often feel this way when I talk about making double-headed birds with crab claw is certainly nice when others are doing similarly eccentric things.

Thanks for the inspiration, Meghan! (photos all from her Etsy site)

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