Monday, October 26, 2009

Buttons, Buttons, Woe beith thy Button

I have to remind myself to enjoy the making process and not worry so much about actually supporting myself with it by any means at this point. I want to support myself creatively, but I can't force the future. In order to really solely follow creative pursuits, I think we have to be creative about how and what we pursue. If you are someone who needs creativity to rule your life, you have to really study your audience. For awhile you will have to manipulate it/them to work for you (if you are vying for full financial support here at the same time), or you will have to find supplemental means of support. I constantly struggle with the idea of money and that we have to have it.

Here's a sprinkling of my new button designs because we should have confidence in our creativity for the benefit of others- have confidence that it's something that will make someone else happy...

See all of them here. They make me want to sew. I should be up and sewing some time soon now, and my itches are britching for it right now, if ya know what I mean.

I hope they make you happy somehow. I think that's why people look for response from others in what they do; we need to know we make each other (who ever) happy. That's just the romantic ideal part of it because we can't do it for everybody, and it's not just "happy" involved.

Positive + negative = everything and nothing.

That doesn't mean we can't still have goals; it just means we have to know there are plenty of "negative" obstacles in the way. And onward we go...

(This great set of posters is from Because Studio. The amount of ink on each apparently is exactly half of the poster)

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