Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yay For Squirrels and Collage Animation!

I was drawn to this artist's work by a blog post over at Modish that included this image:

Um, you might notice that I enjoy our bushy-tailed, nut-hoarding friends (haha, yes, let's move on).
The artist's name is Clemens Habicht, and his collage-y style intrigued me. I've been thinking about collage and animation lately as I have this surge in my gut to make some sort of animation, but right now need to find a way to do it without a camera. That pretty much rules out stop motion of created things (i.e. my antler-ed butterfly flapping its wings). But, as I'm progressing with Photoshop, and I work with Final Cut, I knew there could be a way.

Habicht also does animation, and this video spelled out a "simple" (only in some sense) key-framing method of making collage and animation come together in baby steps of experience:

QUASIMODO JONES 'RocknRollDream' - by Clemens Habicht from Jacky Winter on Vimeo.

As I've been trying to not put too much on my own plate and focus on recovering right now, I think I'll move onto this after I get these 2 handmade markets out of the way.

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